Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile, Smartphone Launched, Check Features And Specifications.

Features – 
  1. Release date – April 21st 2017
  2. Pre orders to begin from march 30th 2017
  3. New virtual assistant bixby
  4. New 5.8 inch infinity display, 570PPI
  5. New upgraded VR headset to ship from mobile
  6. Price to start from 750$
  7. Sale in UK from April 28th
  8. Available in Black, Blue and gold colour.
  9. 12MP, 8MP Camera
  10. Iris eye scanner security
  11. Giga bit LTE and Wifi speed ready which supports 1024 QAM, Means will get 20% faster speed than last model.
  12. Memory expandable to 256 GB
  13. USB type C
  14. Fastest 10nm Processor, 10% more CPU and 50% more GPU
  15. 3000 and 3500Mah battery
  16. Registrations are live Here 

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