Life Expectancy, Deaths Of Humans In Different Countries, According To WHO Report

  1. WHO is World Health Organisation which will take statistics of health and life of human beings every year, Also they will analyze all health conditions and effects of all human beings by environment and advertise according to dangers for man kind. 
  2. According to WHO, Life of human, Japan tops with 84.6 years, Italy 83.1, Australia 83, France – 82.3, Germany – 81, UK – 81, US – 79.8, China – 75, Russia – 70, India – 65.
  3. According to WHO, 5.9 million children are dying before 5th birthday, every year.
  4. 2 million people are effecting with HIV worldwide.
  5. 10 million people are dying before 70 years due to cancer and heart diseases.
  6. 800000 people are committing suicide every year.
  7. 1.25 million are dying due to road accidents.
  8. 3 million people are dying due to pollution.
  9. 475000 are murdered and 80% of all are men.
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